Advanced Doctor's Operational Research Assistant


  • Client ADORA MED
  • Date 2013
  • Categories Video
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ADORA is an interactive physician’s assistant enabling a unique presentation of patients information before and during surgical procedures. ADORA is a product of expert field knowledge, modern information and communication technologies as well as advanced hardware providing seamless user experience with its simple use of contact-free interaction. It enables innovative and pragmatic surgery planning. By using ADORA, physicians are able to actively participate in a surgery also outside the operating theatre.

doctor: Marko Samec
assistants: Nejc Žolgar, Klemen Peras
consulting doctor: Urška Samec

director: Marko Samec
producer: Ajda Račečič
camera: Aljaž Tepina
sound: Nejc Žolgar
music: Tine Franko
graphics: Nejc Žolgar
animation and colour grading: Aljaž Tepina
editing: Ajda Račečič, Aljaž Tepina