Brighter day


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The reasons are unclear, but many times projects with difficult themes find us. But it is exactly projects like these that we are happy to get the most. Because they require depth, different point of view, and they have a strong impact on our own lives.

In this campaign for World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10) and World Mental Health Day (October 10) a TV ad, radio ad and two poster versions were made with a goal to improve services in the field of protection and promotion of mental health.

Last year, 388 people took their own lives in Slovenia. We hope our work will reach out to those at risk. There are always reasons to live. Even when there are clouds in your life.



creative director: Marko Samec
narration: Andrej Karoli
text: Boža Samec
producer, director, DP: Marko Samec
assistants: Ajda Račečič, Aljaž Tepina
video and sound editing: Marko Samec, Ajda Račečič
music: Benjamin Tissot
narration recording: Nik Franko
sound effect: Aljaž Tepina
graphic design and poster photography: Marko Samec
special thanks: Bogdan Dobnik (, Helena Ajdnik (