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  • Client Občina Šmarje pri Jelšah
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Jelšin list is a magazine which we publish quarterly for the municipality of Šmarje pri Jelšah, the same town our studio is situated. The magazine is received by every household in the municipality free of charge. We take care of the design, print, distribution, and create half of the content. And review the other half we get from the municipality.

Now, to understand what Jelšin list means. The first word is jelšin, which translates from Slovene to English the one from alder tree (because jelša is alder). So the name of our town, Šmarje pri Jelšah, probably means something like Saint Mary’s town (Šmarje) by alder trees (pri Jelšah). List has two meanings: leaf and journal / short magazine. Knowing all that, the name of the magazine Jelšin list means something like the-name-of-our-municipality journal AND alder leaf at the same time. Anyway… it is probably too complicated to grasp the whole coolness of the name in any other language than Slovene.

editor in chief: Marko Samec
editorial board: Katja Šket, Ajda Račečič, Miha Lorenčak, Simon Potočnik
illustrations: Katja Šket
graphic design: Marko Samec

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