Slovenian Startup Ecosystem


  • Client European Commission
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If you don’t know Slovenia, it is a land of colourful nature, beautiful cities, strong entrepreneurial culture and ambitious talents. A great place for living and creating! It is also one of the fastest growing startup hubs with modern infrastructure, vibrant startup ecosystem, wide range of startup programmes and well educated and ambitious talents.

We made a video about this in a collaboration with Tovarna podjemov who is also the organiser of Podim conference, one of the largest and leading conferences on entrepreneurship and innovation in the Alpe – Adria Region.

producer, director and DP: Marko Samec
production assistant: Urban Lapajne
camera: Marko Samec, Ajda račečič
additional Maribor panorama: Dejan Ozimič
sound and editing: Ajda Račečič
narration: Kevin Crocker
speakers: Niko Klanšek (FlyKly), Štefan Furlan (Optilab), Jakob Šušterič (MESI)
graphic design: Marko Samec
music: Nico Wohlleben – A Last Step, Professor Kliq – All Control, Luk Hash – The Other Side