Vintage Memories | Summer 1984


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This is a project very close to my heart. Fascinated by old stuff – may it be a memorabilia, ancient technology or books – I rediscovered an old film projector and a box of old super8 films. I was instantly taken over looking into past events and thinking how they became almost forgotten in our fast-paced, modern and digital lifestyle. So I started digitising and editing old films, giving them a possibility to be admired again. This was the first one I have taken out of the box.

In 1984 I was taken to the summer holiday with my mom, dad and my sister. We have been spending our summer holidays at the same place ever since. The video was filmed by my mom and dad on Super 8 mm film and it was digitised, remastered and edited 30 years later by their son.

Music: Before I Say Goodbye by Lauren Piper