Simon Poto─Źnik

Web designer, media communicator, organizer.


I am not an expert in video production, website design and media, because I like to believe that we are learning our whole life. But I am walking in the right direction and try to do my best.

I love projects that are difficult at the first sight because they motivate me to learn and master new things. While working on various projects I have gained a wide range of skills and learned working with different people. I often find myself under time pressure, because I don't know how to say NO to projects, but I feel like a fish in the water in that situations. Anything I start, I'm completely dedicated to it.

Willingness to help, being part of something and reliability are values I appreciate very much and maybe that is the reason I am a fireman since I was seven years old. I feel that with good deeds we also make ourselves happier.